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Canomapp Voice Recorder

Canomapp Voice Recorder is your new favourite productivity tool. Sleek, clean and intuitive voice recorder app with 3 key additional features. It enables you to add photos, notes and markers to any recording.

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In the right place at the right time

Walk the world, listen to a lecturer, follow a tour guide, learn a new craft, and all the while take photos, make notes and record what you hear... then experience it all again at home. The pictures are right next to your recorded words, so whomever you share your experiences with will feel like they had been part of them with you.

Canomapp Voice Recorder App

What you do is up to you

The app gives you the chance to capture your moments exactly how they happened.

Canomapp Voice Recorder App

Highly recommended if you

  • As a university student have better things to do than taking notes in class
  • Want to understand a process step by step
  • Don't want to type it all in: just say what you need done and point it out on the illustrations
  • Take part in a guided tour of a museum exhibition
  • And many more...
  • One Recorder For Every Information

    Canomapp is the only voice recorder app you'll ever need.

    Canomapp Voice Recorder App


    Highlight the parts you want to listen to again later. You can easily mark the important bits and save the exact location in any recording.

    Canomapp Voice Recorder App


    Add notes to where the important things are mentioned so you can always remember the essence of the whole recording.

    Canomapp Voice Recorder App


    Take any photo you want and add it to the recording's timeline. You will have better understanding of any subject.

    Canomapp Voice Recorder App


    You can easily create folders and store your recordings to better organize your personal, college or business life.